Disaster & Crisis

Couple looking at remains of their home after wildfire


In the face of a crisis we are able to provide support for both humans and animals. We care for displaced animals by providing safety and shelter. Animals that have been separated from their owners will find a safe place with us onsite while awaiting reunion with their families. We are able to offer humans mental health crisis support.



While some organizations will provide the essentials for humans evacuated from their homes, oftentimes animals are not allowed.

We will arrive onsite with fresh blankets, crates, food, water and leashes to ensure your animal has a safe place while you get a good night’s rest, or provide short term care while you are dealing with the many struggles the present situation presents.

Should an animal get lost and found by a stranger, they can bring the animal to us. The owner will know where to go for a loving reunion. We deliver peace of mind in a difficult trying time.


Experiencing a catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster, is disorienting and overwhelming. It may be difficult to initiate steps to recover what was lost. Our team of trained professionals, mental health therapists and therapy dogs deploy to support victims of natural disasters. We help victims so they can take the next steps with a sense of clarity and confidence.

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